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  • Wake-on-LAN Packet Sniffer  v.1.1Wake-on-LAN Packet sniffer is designed to troubleshoot and setup Wake-on-LAN entire your Network. It allows to check whether the target machine recieve the packet. Program will display all incoming "Magic Packets".
  • ISCSI Boot Windows  v.1.4CCBoot, from, allows a diskless boot of either Windows XP, Windows 2003, Vista, or 2008 from an iSCSI target machine remotely located over a standard IP network.
  • CDBrowser  v.3.2CDBrowser is a stand-alone front-end application for distributed CD-ROM disks. With it you can create complete off-line web sites which will run on any Windows 95 (or higher) computer, even if there is no web browser installed on the target machine.
  • Easy CD Creator Update  v.4.05Easy CD Creator Update 4.05 is an update created as the key application of Easy CD Creator software versions 4.02 and above. The Standard or Deluxe version will be upgraded automatically, depending on which version is installed on the target machine.
  • Diskless iSCSI Boot  v.1.0CCBoot, from, allows a diskless boot of either Windows 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 2008 from an iSCSI target machine remotely located over a standard IP network. Diskless boot makes it possible for computers to be operated without ...
  • Matahari reverse HTTP shell  v.0.1.30A reverse HTTP shell to execute commands on remote machines behind firewalls. Once you run the script on the target machine, it periodically polls its designated server for commands to execute. Traffic traverses firewall as outgoing GET/POST ...
  • FrontLine Phoenix  v.1.0This project is dedicated to the detection of illegal images on a target machine. The tool is aimed at, but not limited too, law enforcement, forensic specialist, security specialists and system administrators.
  • RemoteAgent.NET  v.1.0RemoteAgent.NET is a Client/Server application built to coordinate the execution of code on a remote machine. It supports script and zip payloads, as well as remote invocation of scripts on the target machine.
  • Bootloader on the USB for Embedded Dev.  v.1.0We are about to develop a tool(development kit) which can support developing embedded software by using USb transfer between target machine and development machine.
  • Hogwash  v.1Hogwash is an inline packet scrubber that uses Snort's ( detection engine to drop malicious packets before they reach the target ...
  • Philipp's File Splitter  v.1.50Philipp's File Splitter is a simple splitting application designed to help you cut large files into smaller parts and a merge-script which you can copy to otherwise-too-small memory sticks etc and then put them together on the target computer.
  • Advanced LAN Scanner  v.1.0Advanced Port Scanner is a small, fast, easy-to-use and robust LAN scanner for the Win32 platform. It is multithreaded, so on fast machines you can scan many computers at once.
  • Remote Command  v.1.0Remote Command runs any command remotely and returns the output. It's a good supplement to existing tools that do not run remotely, e.g. "route print", "ipconfig /all", etc. With Remote Command you don't need any client tools on the ta ...
  • Software Patch Maker  v. SDK is a Software development kit which provides an effective approach of creating software patches and updates, and integrating of the patch applying and/or building process directly into you own software product(s).
  • ArchiCrypt Live Mobile  v.5.10ArchiCrypt Live Mobile: Freeware viewer to access data encrypted in ArchiCrypt Live volumes. ArchiCrypt Live: Real-time encryption and protection for sensitive private or business data. Lets you encrypt any file type on your PC, USB stick etc.
  • ActiveScreenLock  v.2.82This innovative security application disables Windows system key combinations, such as Alt+F4, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab and WinKey and then shows security screen over your desktop that would not let anyone except you in! Download FREE trial version now!
  • PowerControl  v.1.0Shutdown, Reboot, Hibrnete, Logoff, Standby, Lock the local or removed computer (or several computers).
  • DataDefractor SSIS  v.1.1 SR-7It helps import complex business Excel and CSV spreadsheets into the SSIS pipeline. It converts the input spreadsheets into structured normalized data output which is pumped directly into the SSIS data flow pipeline. DataDefractor SSIS integrates ...
  • Steel Run-As  v.1.1For example "Some CD writing" applications run properly only when run in administrator mode or with any other username with those credentials. Steel Run-As lets you give access to the user to run that application with administrator credentials ...
  • WirelessMigrator  v.1.0For some reason, there is no way to do it by using regular Windows Vista tools.This feature is extremely useful, when you have to reinstall your computer or use the same settings of wireless networks for different machines.In order to use the ...
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